Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Yellow Springs Brewery in Yellow Springs, Ohio

Let me tell you about one of my new favorite places in Ohio. Yellow Springs Brewery is the cat's meow in my opinion {and in Yellow Springs there are lots of cats to be giving out meows... so we'll go ahead and say this is a positive review}

First impression: Right off the bike path, long parking lot, awesome lettering and bright yellow pop of color on the outside of the building. What's not to love? This establishment is easy to get to and when you walk up you notice an inviting feel. I just love the metal and wood in the taproom.

Service: Wonderful. The staff is friendly and attentive. They sling beers as fast as needed. Plus, Lisa is just so kind. 

Prices & Other Notes: Yellow Springs Brewery now offers Growlers and Howlers and the service of filling those Growlers and Howlers with their yummy products. 

After the brewery first opened they had such an overwhelming response that they couldn't keep enough kegs tapped. So they took about two weeks to brew and brew then opened their doors again ready to serve. It sounds like they are now moving forward with a higher production rate. I'd advise checking their facebook page or website if you are traveling from afar to stop in. They often post what is on tap and you'll know what their current hours are. 

Food: There are light snacks for purchase and some of the local restaurants {currently Bentino's Pizza & Sunrise Cafe} will deliver right to the taproom. We've also found it is just as easy to stop over at Bentino's or Ha Ha's Pizza to pick up an order and walk over to the brewery. {Bring your own plates and napkins if you plan to really chow down}  

As for the beer: Yum. Order anything. You won't be disappointed.

My favorite is the Captain Stardust Saison. Oh my, it is such a thirst quencher. Not too citrus-y and not too dry. I love it. 

If you aren't able to stop in order up a Yellow Springs Brewery beer at one of these fine locations

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