Wednesday, June 29, 2016

{update}::my 16 in 2016 + what is new over here...

This year I decided to live with the word "cultivate" in mind. I wrote 16 goals/prompts for 2016. And wow, 2016 has been pretty fantastic so far. I know I've been pretty quiet around here, but life is never quiet and we all know this. I couldn't find the time to dedicate to writing on the blog because I was busy doing so much and my energy was elsewhere.  I suppose I was cultivating the whole time...

If you ever read this blog or peek at my instagram you know that in November 2015 my husband and I purchased our "forever mini-farm" and started trying to settle in to the big plans we've always dreamed of - the homesteading, maker-paradise, big romantic dreams that we two are guilty of. {I think it has something to do with two creatives making a full-time life together.} We always are saying "we are so fortunate" and throwing around the word "lucky", but we also make some pretty great plans {slightly over-detailed plans} and keep running towards them. Anyway, buying this property {which we lovingly refer to as "our farm haus"} prompted the word "cultivate" for 2016. Well, the mini-farm along with some other plans I wasn't ready to share a few months back - you've probably already guessed it - but we are talking about cultivating life and growing our family to be bigger than two people. Yes, we are expecting and I am growing a tiny human - !! - my oh my, it is hard work! We are due late September and all is going along just fine. I'll save more of this story for a day in the not so distant future :)

I guess I really got this post together to redirect my focus of writing and reflection that I enjoy so much that is part of blogging for me. So, I am updating my 16 prompts with links below. I hope to get back into a routine, that will surely change again and again many times. But I'm okay with that, and I hope you are too.  Thanks for popping by to read about what is new with me! What is new with you? Leave me a comment below!

My 16 in 2016

1. Grow.
3. Read.
4. Taste.
5. Rest.
6. Photograph.
7. Save.
8. Appreciate.
9. Make.
10. Move.
11. Plant.
12. Do.
13. Share joy.
14. Learn.
15. Create.
16. Simplify.