Wednesday, March 16, 2016

garden dreaming {berries + fruits}

oh yes, my friends. this is the year to start establishing my fruit growing plants, patches and practices!  i am thrilled beyond words to put in a few special plants that will produce in the upcoming years for my family to enjoy.

currently on our property we have an apple tree, a pear tree and a cherry tree. i am so happy with these established fruit trees. i cannot wait to pick and make some jams, butters and pies!

i am hoping to add a few more fruit bearing plants to our mini farm this year...

+the beginnings of a berry patch
dreaming about either strawberries or raspberries + fresh picking those beauties on the farm! (even if the picking doesn't happen this year...)

+ elderberry
i hope to plant a few varieties (currently considering Adams, Johns, Nova or York varieties) of elderberry plants this spring - which should give me just enough time to find a well-drained patch of soil around here! And then I hope to make syrup within the next few years!

+ a dwarf peach tree
i've always longed for a few dwarf fruit trees. something that will be easier to care for, accessible for the shorties 'round here, and not get too tall so that all the fruit is for the local birds. if it seems manageable to plant a fruit tree, i will select a dwarf peach tree to compliment the apple, cherry and pear trees we already have.

how about you? any thoughts about your plantings this year?

Monday, March 14, 2016

currently {feeling spring}

hey there friends!

yes, i am loving this spring-like weather we are having. i'll take the rain along with our warm, sunny days peppered in for good measure.

this past weekend was a good one. a good fill me up type of weekend, but also good for the garden! a friend and i decided to do a little seed trading for the garden AND i was able to get my seeds planted for starts! hooray! we'll see how they turn out, but so far, so good!

i planted mini red and yellow bell peppers, several varieties of tomatoes, onions, a few herbs and even some flowers just for fun. i am so excited to get my garden started!

how about you? enjoy the weekend? do any planting yet?