Friday, March 22, 2013

Simple Family Journaling: Our Monthly Love Notes

After the turn of the new year, I noticed lots of journaling ideas floating around on blogs that I adore. I think that many families want to find an easy way to hold on to newly made memories. Some of the ideas I've read about are easy, some take a bit more time. I thought I'd tell about the idea that we had late last year and have continued into 2013. It is easy enough for us, and maybe it will be easy to add {with personal touches, I'm sure} into the daily/weekly/monthly lives of others.

We call it our 'Love Notes' board. They aren't the "love notes" with beautiful handwriting that you might read over and over again while your favorite person is away on a work trip. They are more like 'happy thoughts' and events that happen during our month.

We chose to use a big chalkboard that was actually the program from our wedding. I love that this was our board's first official love note and I like that it now has a special purpose in our home.

photo taken by Life in Balance Photography

During the month we add notes about exciting days, events, or little tidbits that we want to remember. On the first day of the new month we photograph the board and then wipe it clean. The plan is to include board photos in a 2013 photo review that I'm attempting to create this year. I'm sure that these little notes will make it a bit easier to remember what some of our photos are and trigger some memories when we read our lists over again months and years later.

So there you have it. Our simple way of large group journaling {sometimes visitors enjoy adding onto our board as well}. It helps when your husband has gorgeous penmanship skills. {and I'm talking mad skills... the pretty writing is all his}

Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Simply Lovely Sunday Thought {Let's Get Together}

Things for our pets have been interesting lately. We are learning how to live all together. Slowly losing the barriers that have kept the playful puppy from annoying the pair of cool cats.

Our dog has calmed down quite a bit. And she has learned many things since she first came to live with us. {Most important lessons - how to "stay", be "gentle", and try your best not to mess with the cats}

Our cats can barely tolerate her. But I swear it is getting better. 

So happy to have a few successful evenings of every being in our home sharing one space.

Friday, March 15, 2013

around these parts

things have been quiet around these parts

lots of reading the past few days

a few good runs around the neighborhood

several meals for one

and some girlie movie watching

my husband is out of town for a project at work which means things are moving a little bit slower than usual...

and I don't have someone else to blame the household messes on :)

He will return later tonight, so I'm a very happy girl.

Enjoy your weekend!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Winter Nurture Photography {Finale}

March is here. February has passed with its dark and light filled moments. The snow is gone and back again.

Winter's colors and icy treasures are melting away. Hopefully growing into bright and beautiful hues that we can enjoy during the upcoming months of spring.

However, we all know that weather is never so predictable. Snow... we haven't seen the last of you yet. 

I'm linking up for the final prompt of the winter photography challenge. As always, thanks Rebecca and Kristi! I've really enjoyed the Nurture Photography Winter Challenge and continued inspiration!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Simply Lovely Sunday Thought {Miles in February}

I had taken a bit of time away from my monthly running goals. Something about all the family stuff going on in December and January. It was difficult to get my miles in while traveling around a snowy state.

When February hit, I was done with my lame excuses. Which meant I had to hit up our local Y to get in some miles.

  I joined many others {via instagram} in a 48 mile challenge in February.

One great thing about a monthly challenge is it keeps me on top of weekly work outs. I can really feel an improvement in my running since last summer. I can't wait for spring to log some miles on a few favorite trails in our local preserve. 

March's goal is to cover 50 miles... that works out to be just under 2 miles a day. That doesn't sound so bad... maybe around March 20th I'll be singing a different tune :)