Monday, April 24, 2017

winter + trying out our freezer-saved chicken eggs

this past fall i mentioned that i was saving up some of our fresh eggs for the winter. our chicken flock lays all summer, spring and fall. every so often when we have a stretch of lovely (spring-ish) winter days they will lay a couple of surprise eggs for us. it keeps us on our toes!

i'm happy to say that thru this past winter we've only purchased 3 dozen eggs! and it wasn't because i didn't save enough... well, let me explain. 

in the summer i was doing a major food prep for our little one's arrival, preserving some produce and considering how to put up some eggs. {read more about that with Fresh Eggs Daily} i made lots of dishes to freeze that contained eggs, but i also decided to try out freezing actual eggs.

by using a silicone baking mold i would freeze the eggs {as per instructed by Fresh Eggs Daily!} pop them out and then save them in freezer bags... 

our most used eggs were the whisked eggs that could be thawed and put into recipes. we didn't seem to use the eggs that were prepared for frying - just not quite right for us. {hence why we splurged and purchased the 3 dozen eggs - all for various brunches at home!} i think this upcoming summer i will freeze whisked eggs, freeze fewer mini breakfast bakes and more baked goods in order to save up some of our eggs. that seems to be what works best for our taste buds and general kitchen routine. 

do you have any favorite high protein -as in several eggs- baked good recipes to share? tell me in the comments!

Monday, April 17, 2017


hey there loves!

i've been thinking a lot about nourish {my word for the year} and self care. i'm learning about what it looks like for me to give myself some permission to pause, to take what i need.

what fills me up? right now i crave time with my little family in a low scheduled sort of way. a haircut? yes, i'm in dire need but the morning my husband said "go. go to Target and then run to the salon, we will be here when you get back." i was exhausted and hadn't slept well for several nights- an extra 30 minutes of sleep and an uninterrupted breakfast was all i wanted. if i sat for a haircut i would surely nod off and walking the dollar spot was the last thing i thought would make me feel rested that particular morning.

however i've found a few things that seem to really be worth my efforts right now...

i'm investing an evening a week to starting a yoga practice at a studio. this has immensely helped my muscles open up and i'm gaining some flexibility in the poses i practice at home during the rest of the week. honestly, just what i needed.

and i'm trying to phrase the little bits of time when i'm working on our home in a way that fills me up. it is true, some nights when my husband asks how he can help - all i want is a clean floor and an empty sink. i was very inspired by this essay and i'm using a similar thought while tidying up our home.

and of course - podcasts! - i took some time away from listening to the talking because i needed the quiet, but now i'm up for a little chat here and there while doing dishes, laundry or cleaning the kitchen. my little j loves music but doesn't seem to mind hearing talking voices when he plays and i start to make dinner.

what do you do for self care? how do you nourish yourself to stay well for your families?

need some inspiration? try out...

these words from jennifer, katie, stephanie and aglaee.

happy new week!

Monday, April 10, 2017

mama is heading to work...

it's true. my maternity leave has flown by - a blink of an eye and our little guy is six months old and i'm off to the races. we're trying out the whole 'two working parents' idea to see if it works for our family. 

i have very much enjoyed having these important days with my first son. often just us two, discovering new things together. i'm so very lucky to have support from family as we attempt this transition. our little guy will stay home with Grammie or head to the home of our close friends so that i can teach for the last two months of school and j will be with loved ones that he knows well. 

so it is with a heavy, but excited heart {we can be both at once, yes?} i'm off to work and will give my little boy the opportunity to have some adventures without me. 

i'm going to miss him like crazy. good thing summer break is rapidly approaching.