Monday, January 14, 2013

Creative Connections: Welcome Baby Greeting Card {a tutorial}

After making so many baby gifts recently {read about bibs and burp cloths} I've been interested in presenting these little gifts in beautiful ways. Sometimes a tired momma can be so rejuvenated by the simple gesture of a tiny wrapped gift for their favorite new person.

I've been working on wrapping a set of 'welcome baby gifts' for some brand-new people that I plan to meet very soon! They needed something special... a special handmade card...

Sweet, right?

Super easy too. All you need are a few items and away you go...

1. Gather
~A map that you no longer need and is ready for repurposing
~glue stick
~markers and/or letter stamps and stamp pad for lettering and message
~sewing machine and thread
~cardstock cut to your desired size {I used precut 4x6 textured cards}
~cute paper or decorative tape for extra details

2. Sew across top of card and carefully trim extra thread. 
 ::I like to add some decorative tape to the back to ensure the thread stays put. We typically have to travel in order to give out gifts and this is to make sure the wrapping is as sturdy as possible::

3. Cut out mini flags, arrange, and add to the top of card with glue.
  ::I don't worry about cutting each flag exactly the same but there are lots of paper punches that would work well for this card if you prefer using punches instead of scissors::

{I chose two different flag shapes for the different cards I made}

4. Stamp or letter the card.
::I selected 'welcome to the world' to stamp underneath the map bunting::

5. Add a personal message.
::Something simple and sweet will do just fine::

I just love these baby gifts all wrapped up and ready to go!  

{I'm not sharing baby's name on the gift today. Sorry for the scratched out look, but the family hasn't shared the new name on their blog yet. So I'm following their lead.}

Do you have a favorite handmade gift for growing families?

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