Wednesday, October 14, 2015

around these parts {taking a few days off}

hello friends!

guess what!? something very exciting is going on around these parts!

my husband and i officially purchased a mini farm!

well, it is an old house with barns and five acres of land. but soon it will be our dream mini farm. {soon is a relative term here when we've been declaring things like forever home}

the house has loads of character. just enough land for what we want to grow. and the property is a short drive to our village, family, friends and professional work.

we couldn't be more excited. and after just a few days of moving/cleaning/searching-the-barns-for-treasures i realized i couldn't wait to say something here.

and after a few days of all that work i also realized i need to spend a few days away from the blog because we still have much to do to settle in {and we are a few days away from our new internet connection as well}

so, i'll be sure to say 'hello' again soon. and soon this time will mean early November!

Monday, October 12, 2015

.:take a breath:.

this morning i need a moment.

a moment to just take a breath.

i thought maybe someone else did too.

so this is your reminder to take a few deep breaths and be present. right now. 

welcome to the new week. 
i'm going to keep breathing deeply with my eyes closed and then live my day with my eyes wide open. 
 i hope you enjoy the same.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Current Room Tour {Our Living Room - The First House Edition}

I often mention projects + work that we have worked on around our home. We've been busy bees over the past few years - sanding, painting, laying new flooring, clearing clutter and organizing spaces... our first purchased home is shaping up nicely. We are reaching the vision we had when we first purchased this sweet little home. I think it is having the flooring in the main spaces completed.

Today I thought I would share about a room that I really love to spend time in... our living room.

this is the room that is typically clean... clean enough for me to meditate or read

or for my husband and I  to settle in and watch a movie

I really love the accent wall behind our fireplace and putting little vases of flowers on the mantel.

This room is being lived in + very much loved. In fact, I might head over to the couch and read a bit right now...

*this particular series on my blog is to show what rooms currently look like in our house... as in using my iPhone to quickly snap a few photos of a mostly {HOPEFULLY!} clean but probably in-progress or fairly-tidy room.