Monday, October 30, 2017

{local gift giving guide} State of Ohio

hello thoughtful gifters, are you ready for this upcoming season of giving? i can't believe that it is almost time for the holidays!

something i love to do for the holiday season is give my favorite locally made goods to my loved ones. often times family members get excited about specific brands and makers and ask tons of questions. it makes it fun for me and i think it is once again a great way to support the businesses in our own communities!

today i'm sharing about Ohio gift ideas! {please note that this post has many links that take you directly to Ohio businesses. i am intrigued by these businesses and have received nothing for putting them in my blog post.}

+ local foods
every place has their favorite foods! what about a gift card to a local orchard, brewery, an independent restaurant or mom + pop bakery?

Carillon Brewery Co. in Carillon Historical Park in Dayton.
Wheat Penny Oven & Bar in Dayton.
Sunrise Cafe in Yellow Springs.
Wildflower Cafe in Mason.
Skillet near German Village.
Wolf's Ridge Brewing in Columbus.
Casa Nueva in Athens.
Ale House 1890 in Lancaster.
Fowl and Fodder in Toledo.
Cleveland Independents ::MANY places to eat on this link, i might make a personal quest to eat at each place:: around Cleveland area.

or could you find a holiday style treat at a public market? i love picking up local granola, honey or maple syrup to gift. there are many places to shop...

North Market in Columbus.
Second Street Market in Dayton.
West Side Market in Cleveland.
Findlay Market in Cincinnati.

are you a canner? could you pull from your personal jarred up stash? or pick something up from one of these stores... you might want to pick up some spices or chocolates to gift too!

Ashery Country Store in Fredricksburg.
Dorothy Lane Market in the greater Dayton area.
Mustard Seed Market & Cafe in North East Ohio area.

+ handmade items
someone on your list need a new tshirt? handmade ceramic mug? a tote bag for dance class? some new stationary? try a shop or pop up market that focuses on supporting makers from your area.

5th Street Arcades in Cleveland.
Crafty Mart in Akron.
Celebrate Local in the Easton Shopping Center in Columbus.
Urban Handmade in Yellow Springs.
Miami Valley Pottery in Yellow Springs.

and don't forget you can always do a quick search on etsy to support makers from all over during their best selling time of the year!

+ long time local favorites
you know the mom + pop store that everyone has loved for years. yes, you can make a gift of that... just some creative brainstorming and you can make a themed gift basket out of anything! {movie night in with a red box gift card and local snacks, a salsa gift basket with a few salsas and locally made tortilla chips... sounds pretty great to me!}

Ohio is pretty stocked when it comes to historical favorites of the donut and snack food variety...

Becker's Donuts in Lorain.
Bill's Donuts in Centerville {um, open 24 hours.}.
Mikesell's Potato Chips in Dayton.
Grippo's Snacks in Cincinnati.

okay, so this is where i need your help! do you have a favorite Ohio made present you like to give? what other states would you like to see a Local Gift Giving Guide created for? write in the comments and let us know!

happy holiday shopping!

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Monday, October 16, 2017

{Local Gifting Guide} How to Give Locally Made Gifts

hello folks, are you ready for this upcoming season of giving? i can't believe that it is almost time for thinking about the holidays!

something i love to do for the holiday season is give my favorite locally made goods to my loved ones. often times family members get excited about specific brands and makers and ask tons of questions. it makes it fun for me and i think it is once again a great way to support the businesses in our own communities!

i thought this would be a perfect time to consider how to give locally made gifts. here are a few tips i have for you...

+ local foods
every place has their favorite foods! i am sure in every city there is a favorite bakery or even a few independent restaurants... we like to snag a few gift cards for our friends + family.

check out a local market that carries independent + local foods. we make at least one trip over to North Market each year in Columbus. even more locally we like to shop at the Second Street Market in Dayton a few times each season. sometimes the hours of operation can be tricky but make a fun outing - grab breakfast and holiday shop on a Saturday morning!

when considering local food one could also create a darling gift from canned goods. i'm talking pretty in the jar goods that either you or someone else thoughtfully put in the jar themselves. our local orchard carries tons of great jellies and jams and we've been known to gift Ohio maple syrup or my very own apple butter.

+ clothing or other handmade items
of course i am a huge fan of shopping {}. supporting makers from all over is very important to me. so i totally believe that if you are looking for something particular and you want a quality made item you could easily find someone on etsy making a wonderful product. that is an avenue worth pursuing. you might also want to find out if you have a local store that supports many makers in your area - many of the makers might even have their own etsy store as well. i've mentioned it before but i like shopping at celebrate local in the easton shopping center in columbus if we are in the area. Or the ever reliable urban handmade in yellow springs {they opened a new location over the summer and it looks super great - check it out!}. shops like these often have t-shirts, bags, winter gloves, gorgeous pottery and other usable goods that might make you think of someone on your list.

+ long time local favorites
you know the mom + pop store that everyone has loved for years. yes, you can make a gift of that... around my home state we have a serious love of potato chips and donuts... i'm sure we can create a cute gift basket out of such goodies.

okay, so this is where i need your help! i have loads of ideas for Ohio made gifts and will be telling you more about that next week. what other states would you like to see a Local Gift Giving Guide? or do you have a favorite way to support local while shopping for your holiday gifts? write in the comments and let me know!

what state do you want to see a Local Gift Giving Guide for?

::this post is an update from november 2015::

Monday, August 28, 2017

hello, lavender {a simple introduction}

let's take a moment for the wonder that is LAVENDER!! i thought now and again i might give a few facts or ways to use various essential oils. i'm learning so much these days as i dive deeper and deeper into my natural living quest. so i'm going to start with lavender, the calming-jack-of-all-trades oil! we use it ALL the time!

my favorite lavender uses:

+ 'owie' roller!! just a drop feels soothing on minor skin abrasions,  so i put  5 drops lavender with 5 drops of frankincense  in a 10 ml roller, topped it all off with fractionated coconut oil and - yes! its like traveling with my favorite first aid kit!

+ my 'breathe' roller - i put together lavender, lemon and peppermint to support my healthy respiratory function {aka seasonal enjoyment!!} 

+ sleep support- you knew this was coming!! so much sleep support over here!! i'm loving lavender with the gentle baby oil blend... in the diffuser, on my wrists, on my feet... oh yes!

my upcoming use:

+some of my girlfriends swear by putting a drop of lavender in a new tube of mascara that they have noticed longer, fuller eyelashes... can't wait for my next tube!

so, I was just about to offer a giveaway. but i realize that i have very few readers on the blog. so here's the deal, i want to pour some goodness into all of your lives.... if you are not already a member of Young Living (because you already know how awesome those products are...) just give me a comment or send me a message mentioning this post and i will hook you up with a roller. {let's talk and pick a roller for you - sleep support, owie, happy are my favorites right now and i bet they could support you} if this gets a lot of traffic, it may take awhile to get all the rollers, so be patient. but this is me saying 'thank you' for reading!! {all comments or messages must be sent by September 30th, 2017}

hope this makes for a good start to your week!!!

Monday, August 21, 2017

good morning people!

so i've been in the "mama at home" cloud all summer. soaking up the baby snuggles knowing i'm heading back to work... and it just struck me - i made some pretty loft goals this year and i'm not really putting any mind to them. so here's my update in hopes to get my butt in gear!

my goals...

+ grow produce in 2 {if not 3!!} of our raised beds - we planted all 3 beds! i'm not keeping up on them as i should, but we are grabbing tomatoes, garlic and lettuce now and again! so i'm pretty pleased with this. 

+ work on our general menu plan for the family so that two dinners a week are local, seasonal meals {right now we have one night a week as our "in season" night}- yes! i just recently made a 3 week menu to help streamline my kitchen time and this is totally happening! i'm not sure about the winter days when we are low on local goods in our pantry, but so far so good!

+ work on our general menu plan for the family so that either our main breakfast for the week, or our main lunch for the week are local, seasonal meals.- yes! our lunches are leftovers and our breakfast always consists of eggs from our chickens or a local chicken farmer's brood {it is becoming clear that our ladies are at the end of their prime laying and are not producing as much as they were. we have only purchased one dozen eggs so far this summer though, we have not had any extras to save for the winter}

that leaves me with the following two goals...
+ research raising our own meat and ways to extend our growing season at our home
+ consider renewable energy resources that might work for our home

i am very interested in both of these concepts so i am often thinking/researching these ideas. however, the plans we are considering are not in this year's budget. so i had hoped that maybe we could act on these *research and consider* goals, but i don't think we will this year. 

oh good, i'm not so far off! a little more research to round out the future plan and i'll call it done for the year!

 happy monday friends!

Monday, August 14, 2017

.:around these parts::summer is wrapping up:.

hey there kids!

i cannot believe that our summer is wrapping up so soon! these sunny days went by in a blink! i'm sure as with many of you... so much we didn't do, but so much that we did! i'm thankful for every moment i spent with my wee guy {who is rapidly growing!} and am excited for the last few weeks of our more relaxed routine.

some of my faves...

+ having slow days at home with my baby boy. every few days i would make sure we didn't have any plans for the day so we could just play at home.

+ reconnecting with some old friends - i went to a college friend's baby shower and hosted an oily class that some of my junior-high school girlfriends attended.  it was super fun to catch up and hear how everyone is doing. plus, whenever i see my ol' buds it reminds me to keep better tabs on them for several months to come. i think this is so valuable and needed as our current season is so busy, even just a quick text is so happy.

+ my baby's sleep roller and lullaby spray - ah, yes. we're teething. so i -L O V E- our sleepy roller {1 drop of Gentle Baby, 1 drop of Lavender and all the rest fractionated coconut oil in a 10 ml roller - not everyone is comfortable with babies + oils, so you'll have to decide if a little plant magic is okay for your younger babe} and we use a lullaby spray in the car for longer road trips back home in the dark - so refreshing for the car too!

+ our 6th wedding anniversary - oh yes, we had a date night and it was all the heart eyes! loved having a few hours to tuck away with a delicious drink and my adorable, sweet hearted husband.

how is life on your end? hope y'all are enjoying every August day to the fullest!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

hey there, july.

hello friends!

happy summer afternoon! just dropping in to share some of my excitement- my Young Living Premium Starter Kit is here!

for about a few years now i have been learning about the uses of essential oils... from reducing the chemicals in our home {by making cleaning products} to diffusing my favorite scents {one of my best stress relievers + labor coping strategies}. i am hooked. when it came time to invest in a full set of quality oils i knew i wanted to join the Young Living community. we are talking top notch oils. hands down.

here are some of my favorites that are in the premium starter kit...


- just yes! diffusing them at various times, wearing stress away and cleaning my rug and dishes with the support of purification. 

do you have questions? anything you want to know about getting started with essential oils? leave me a comment below or find me on instagram @farmhausessentialoils to learn more! {hint: i am sharing some oily love this week via a roller give away... so be sure to follow @farmhausessentials on IG}

are you already ready to buy a premium starter kit? click here to join my oily tribe and i will be there to support, {as well as learn along side} you in your quest to wellness!

happiest week to you!

Monday, June 12, 2017

{in the kitchen} baby's first foods

hello there!

some exciting stuff around here... our little one is trying out some tasty {solid} morsels!

we've been on our breastfeeding journey and starting around 5 months our guy showed so much interest in what was going on at the dinner table... since then he has tried a few bites too {did i mention my baby is 8 months old?!}!

we chose to feed our little j soft real foods that are cut in ways to be easily held. or can be served up on a spoon for him to feed himself. at the beginning - when he was six months old - his daily meal(s) were more about being at the family table and touching real food and less about what nutrients made it into his body. we were still breastfeeding around the clock and family dinner was when we chose to have his meal type experience. my husband and i have always been excited about being at the table as a family, talking and sharing about what happened in our days. this is why we've decided to make it j's social solid foods eating time.

now that we are two months in our guy is a pro and LOVES to eat! sometimes we serve up purees while most of the time we are making sure our foods are provided to him in safe ways to eat {soft, sometimes mashed, often on a spoon} he chats with us and his crazy babbles {plus the few words he says basically daily - mama, dada, and "Ebba" for our dog Etta}

how we knew we were ready...

+we were given the okay by our doctor - due to his head control and subsiding "tongue thrust" our pediatrician shared that she was more than comfortable with him starting to experience some foods. in fact, she was ready before we were! it was so nice to have that go-ahead. and it got this mama dreaming about messy hands and gummy sweet potato smiles!

+he couldn't help himself when mom and pop were eating - grabbing at all the things, staring at whatever was going in our mouths, we knew his interest was there.

+we researched - after throughly reading about 'baby led weaning' we found that we liked the real food, just keep it safe, eat what the family is type approach.

+we took baby steps - once we knew he was interested we had a few weeks where during dinner time he would sit in his high chair (this kid's core strength is unreal) and would touch and play with a little bowl, spoon and cup while we ate dinner and all talked together. he LOVED it from the first meal so we thought he would attend to food once we felt more prepared to start our route to solid foods.

what is working well for us...

+cutting up foods so he can hold it

+foods he likes - he can go with bananas in all the foods! but we also eat avocado, peas, sweet potato, pumpkin, prunes, blueberries, papaya and more...

+doing the 4 day rule - only trying one new food every 4 days or so. this way if a food allergy is present it will hopefully surface prior to introducing the next new food and we will know that we need to be careful around whatever food he ate just before symptoms arrived.

+peanut butter - check with your pediatrician on this one, but ours suggested moving forward with the current thinking that younger babies should try peanut butter (watered down, so no choking hazard); we waited until he had tried many solids and had no allergic reactions to anything.

+having our pup, Etta, take care of the dirty work - our little babe and pup are just such good friends already. and now our girl loves this baby boy even more because of all the snacks she sneaks from the floor under his spot at the table.

any mamas have real food/baby led weaning tips to share? or are you interested and want to learn more? check out this Real Food Mamas Podcast - Episode #49: BLW in the Kitchen

have a good one!!