Friday, April 3, 2015

Around these parts {nowhere to be expected}

A little spring holiday - that was what we decided we needed. To run away from it all. We both had vacation days scheduled, no need to head in for work.

Made some plans for the pets - a few friends and family members taking care of our four-legged roommates.

Us, the tent, our gear, + the car - no major plans, a few possible destinations, just get out-of-dodge...

So when we got out of the house... we found ourselves in our old town. {Let's just stop for dinner and a coffee} Favorite brewery, throwing darts, teasing + laughing. Nowhere to be expected. Why not just stay the night?

And just like that - our needed holiday was over. We jumped in the car and went right back to dodge. One night away was all it took.

And friends, that is how we ended up with a construction zone in our guest bathroom. Starting the project that we hadn't planned. A whole week's worth of time... that's right, nowhere to be expected.

We may just up + leave dodge for one more night... we'll see how the tile work goes.

Happy Spring Break.

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