Monday, January 16, 2017

mama hood monday {the end of the fourth trimester}

hello there!

just feeling a bit sentimental today... our little j turned 3 months old recently and as i start to feel more like myself and see him grow in so many ways i'm stowing away the memories of that little nugget of a newborn that he was.

we have a bit of a rhythm to the day now. he eats every two and a half hours {somewhere a bouts} and is interested in a suggested nap about two and a half hours since he last awoke. he is tired for a long sleep around 9 o'clock at night so to avoid the overtired baby -that he will push himself to be- we start a calming bedtime ritual around 8:30 PM each night. we have noticed a true benefit of having him home at a certain time to enjoy some quiet family time and our simple bed routine {nurse on one side, diaper/massage/pajamas, stories, nurse the other side and sleep}. this is working for us right now and will be altered as needed.

our little j loves to see what is going on. he loves to be held and cuddled and he giggles like a wild baby when his daddy makes silly noises and tickles him. he likes to sit up in my lap and read books too.

what a honest treasure it is to see a baby grow! happy monday, all!

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