Saturday, February 18, 2012

Why "slow, simple, self"...

What is in a name? Well, a lot. Choosing a name for this blog was a difficult task for yours truly. I was inspired to choose "slow, simple, self" due to my wish to create and enjoy a purposeful way of life.

With that stated, please know this - I love what I call my "job" and I am so lucky to have a happy life. Being a teacher, working with children and families is super important to me. I just struggle with the lifestyle I have as a working individual. I put in over eighty percent of my energy into a career and not into my health and personal well-being. I struggle to be successful in the working world and lead a life making mindful choices to capitalize on the short time that human life is.

In my opinion, there is so much out there that we take for granted; such as a morning cup of coffee, an impromptu song sang by a child, or a delightful dinner planned by a friend. When we stop noticing and appreciating these everyday events it can detract from the depth that is daily life. I rush through the important events of my day to spend just a few more hours completing a little job. By spending 50 plus hours each week on work related tasks, I miss out on vital parts of being human. I turn to items and ways of convenience, not gaining a full experience of each day. 

It kills me that this is the norm. 

This is why I've decided that it is time for me to focus on finding the strength to shed the speed we've been bred to embrace. To plan and consider thoughtful choices that are slow, deliberate and have a positive influence on the life I lead. 

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