Sunday, March 4, 2012

Main Street Grille & Brewing Company

We recently visited loved ones in the Northeast corner of our state. They are all about the impromptu visits and any excuse for fun... obviously this is why we adore them. Of course they wanted to drive over to Garrettsville and see what Main Street Grille & Brewing Company was all about.

First impression: GREAT! We were so excited to pull up to the historical building and take a quick peek down to the water and see the mill!

Service: Wonderful. We chose to sit in the dining area and we had a perfect seat next to a window overlooking the mill. Our waitress was attentive and had many suggestions for us.

Food: Mmm... Our server recommended the burger and reuben sandwich - we were not disappointed. (And I will admit that a good reuben sandwich has become a guilty pleasure of mine...)

Prices & Other Notes: Affordable prices and the other patrons were of all ages - so it was an appropriate "restaurant" type meal and not just a bar.

Wait, we actually went there for the brew... and I haven't mentioned that part yet.

As for the beer: Once again reasonable prices, I felt like we were getting a steal since good beer isn't cheap one pint at a time. Our table shared all eight samples for ten dollars just to get a taste of each. I was madly in-love with the Strawberry Fields (which I ordered as my large brew to enjoy by myself), however the Dizzy Ninja had a special place in my tummy as well. In fact our designated driver - he took home a growler of the Dizzy Ninja.

We all noticed smooth mouth feel across the board, and some of the brews were pretty strong (Three Scots Ale at an above 8% ABV). This is why we advise when traveling for your microbrew experience to have a designated driver or make appropriate arrangements for after the adult beverages.

Our favorite beers at Main Street Grille & Brewing Company: Three Scots Ale (strong but so tasty), Strawberry Fields (fruity but not too sweet), River Rat (a smooth and balanced amber ale) and the Dizzy Ninja (and I.P.A.'s are not typically my first choice).

So overall I would highly recommend a trip to Main Street Grille & Brewing Co. - check out their website (which includes their menu with beer descriptions and prices).

If we didn't owe a ton of money for love our new little house we would probably move a bit closer to take advantage of their half price growler Tuesdays! We definitely hope to return for a burger and brew again soon. In fact, we'd like to see it in the summer to take a closer look at the water and go for a walk around town.

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