Wednesday, May 16, 2012

And I'm back...

After a screen entertainment sabbatical I am back with a post... a reflection, if you will, of my time away from "technotainment":

It was refreshing! An entire week dedicated to remembering how much we like to spend time doing small projects around the house, baking sweets, hiking the glen. A week which has extended into a continued schedule of limited time for screen use. And as a bonus, it has been perfect timing with the school year racing to a close! A huge step forward into the summer that I hope to make active as well. (I have many goals to reach that aren't all about logging hours on this laptop.)

During our "Screen Free Week" we began a painting project for our music room (still in progress) and I baked a ton of cookies (which I counteracted with an increased running routine). My husband and I began plans for our backyard heaven that we hope to start this summer. We even dodged screens on our weekend in Columbus for our good friends' wedding (minus some photo taking)!

But truth be told- I love me some instagram, and I don't know what is going on with my long distance friends unless I check into facebook at least once a week.

Life is all about balance such as knowing when to turn the screen off and I plan to do it a bit more often :)

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