Saturday, April 28, 2012

Screen-Free Week: What to do... What to do...

Did you know that...

 On average preschool children in our country see nearly 25,000 television commercials? This figure does not include product placement...

 Studies have shown a link to sleep disturbances in young children and time spent with screens?

Facts like these are what makes me interested in "Screen-Free Week"...

Since I've been looking forward to Screen-Free Week, I've begun drafting a list of some fun things to do. Thought I would share a few ideas to jump start your minds on next week's challenge of finding entertainment screen free.

-Reading a book (and no, I didn't misspell "ebook")
-Board Game Night
-Dinner outdoors
-Start (or finish) a few home projects
-Paint a room in the house

We've started planning our next painting project. Maybe after next week I can post some results - once I'm in front of this screen again! :)

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