Thursday, July 12, 2012

Florida 2012: Hunting for Shark's Teeth and Some Family Memories

In June we went to visit some family in Florida. We had a great time: going to the beautiful beaches, hitting up a microbrewery, hanging out with loved ones, and grilling out - an awesome start to summer. Since we were traveling light we decided to document our trip with the cameras on our phones... you know I love me some instagram :)

My favorite beach in Florida is the Caspersen Public Beach. It is so quiet and peaceful. I love the way the beach changes from soft to rocky and back to soft. And when one drives to this favorite beach it has a sweet little fishing pier and Sharky's restaurant on the way! Double bonus!

Did I mention the shark's teeth? That part is pretty fun. It makes a romantic beach walk turn into a treasure hunt. (Sometimes beach vacations need a little more "oomph" for those of us who cannot slow down for more than a minute and hunting for shark's teeth is just enough extra stimuli for my main man) This is why we head to a few specific beaches on our Sarasota County trips. We like the Siesta Key beaches for a lazy afternoon to kick back in a cabana and nap or talk, but we enjoy the Caspersen Beach morning walks for the shark's teeth hunt and quiet start to a day.

 Oh and we went bowling. Which isn't a typical stop on our Florida trips - it has surfaced in conversation over the past few months that my husband and I had never gone bowling together! So we found a nearby bowling alley and played a few rounds of pool, bowled a ton of games, and drank a tall Blue Moon. The next day we had super sore arms and decided we should bowl more often because we had so much fun.

Just yesterday we caught ourselves asking when we could go back to the beach again. And it probably goes without saying, I hope it is sooner rather than later. :) 

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