Monday, September 24, 2012

Backyard Heaven: It's all in the plans...

When we purchased our home we had been looking for something perfect - or at least something with potential. Affordable potential. Anyone out there who has been involved in the home buying rigamarole knows that there isn't really perfect. And if there is, well, then the home is surely out of your price range. (That's the American way, right?) But that leaves room for us to add some of our personality into our home.

We wanted to buy a home either in walking distance of the down town area of our village or a bit further out so that we could own some land. The best fit was a little brick ranch, just on the edge of town, on a lot that looks a lot larger than it is. We loved the backyard, the quiet street, and the old pine trees on the lot. We knew that making a space for spending time in the backyard was important to us and how we enjoy using our space at home.

Thus began dreams of having a little patio and a fire pit or fire place. We're working on listing ideas of different uses we'd like to have in our outdoor areas. Along with researching materials and ways to create our "backyard heaven".  We have begun preparing the yard that will someday be the patio, marking off where stones will be and measuring out where to dig.

We hope to get a bit further this fall. Wouldn't it be great to enjoy the space while the leaves are changing?! Oh the dreams of a homeowner...

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