Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Precious Produce: Slowly Growing a Green Thumb

I've been wishing for a garden for a few summers now. But living in an apartment with zero yard and then moving all last summer made it difficult to find time for a garden. This is our second summer in our new house, so I decided to start small. 

This summer I'm working on researching gardening ideas and saving some time for canning. We belong to a CSA that we LOVE and I have just a few containers for growing veggies (tomatoes,  peppers, squash, sweet potatoes). This way we still get wonderful local vegetables and I can care for a few plants while spending a bit more time learning. However I will be completely honest, I do love running outside to grab a few little tomatoes or a pepper from our plants!

Container gardening has taught me a lot. I've learned more about fertilizer and what parts of our yard get the most sun. With these dry months I know that I'll have to think more about a watering system for the garden I hope to put in within the next few years. It has also provided time for us to really get our composting situation underway and other outdoor work we need to do for our home.

Hopefully soon I will have a bit more produce (and variety) growing just outside my kitchen door. But until then I will gladly visit the farmers market and sort through my CSA box feeling grateful for having such a resource of quality food so close to our home!

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