Saturday, February 16, 2013

Nurture Photo {Silver/Treasure}

I find that saved summer's bounty is one of my favorite indoor treasures of the winter season!

Whether stored in a jar or the freezer it makes me smile cooking with such tasty goodies from our most recent growing season.

I'm starting to run low on my go-to items. No more frozen tomatoes, peas and I'm at the last of my sweet golden corn. Good thing I'm planning this year's garden... I even received an email from our local CSA this week! 
Can't wait for those spring and summer veggies!

This week's photo prompt is "silver" or treasure". Check out other photos considering these ideas here. Thanks Kristi and Rebecca for hosting the challenge!


  1. So impressive - your own corn in the middle of February!! I love that your treasure and your silver are together. And that your simple, day to day holds these lovely images.

    1. Isn't it just wonderful when you can treasure your day to day? That is something I am completely grateful for. Thanks Adrienne for stopping by to check out my photos!

  2. You're so right about that! I used up the last of some of my frozen summer veggies recently and I can't wait for the farmer's market to start up again. I've been toying with the idea of growing veggies in a container but I don't think that my apartment's back porch gets quite enough light. Maybe just some herbs?

    Thanks so much for taking part in the Nurture Photography Challenge!

    1. Oh fleeting spring and summer veggies... I'm counting the days until it is time to get a box of produce from our local grower. Herbs sound like a great way to get some growing in at your apartment. I'm thinking sun-shiny thoughts for that back porch of yours!

      Thanks for stopping by!