Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nurture Photography Challenge {White}

During this strange winter we've had lots of fun spending time inside our home.
Of course with a few scattered days to be out and about in the sunshine and minimal snow. 

Something that we enjoy during the warm months is a good flea market! So when the weather starts to warm {even for just the day} we get the itch. 

Lucky for us a new vintage shop just opened in our little town!

Appropriate prices with shop owners and workers who are very nice to chat with! We've actually scored a few fun finds.

Spending our winter days adding a few small details inside our house.
What else to do while we wait for the outdoors to bring on weather ready for planting? 

I'm linking up with the Nurture Photography Winter Challenge hosted by Kristi and Rebecca. Check out other photos which consider this week's topic White/Minimalism.


  1. I love unique shops. Glad you got some good finds!

  2. It can take awhile, but we love seeking out that perfect piece. I'm sure you know the thrill of the hunt :)
    Thanks for popping by and commenting on my post!

  3. Love that first one! Thanks for joining us in the Nurture Photography Challenge! I'm playing catch-up this weekend. So sorry for stopping by so late.

    1. Thanks for hosting and stopping by. I've been doing a bit of "catch-up" lately too! Hope you have a great week Kristi. :)