Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Simply Lovely Sunday Thought {Miles in February}

I had taken a bit of time away from my monthly running goals. Something about all the family stuff going on in December and January. It was difficult to get my miles in while traveling around a snowy state.

When February hit, I was done with my lame excuses. Which meant I had to hit up our local Y to get in some miles.

  I joined many others {via instagram} in a 48 mile challenge in February.

One great thing about a monthly challenge is it keeps me on top of weekly work outs. I can really feel an improvement in my running since last summer. I can't wait for spring to log some miles on a few favorite trails in our local preserve. 

March's goal is to cover 50 miles... that works out to be just under 2 miles a day. That doesn't sound so bad... maybe around March 20th I'll be singing a different tune :)

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