Monday, December 16, 2013

Tasty Corn - A - Poppin'

Sometimes I just really want some popcorn. But the past few years I had given up on it. I felt like it was too expensive at the movie theater both in calories/general health costs and pocket money {... does anyone say pocket money anymore?} And microwave bagged popcorn is super bad for you. Popcorn isn't my husband's favorite thing and since my cravings for it are so rare I just let it go.

But then... I wanted popcorn so badly. I talked about it for about two weeks. Finally I decided to try the "popcorn trick".

I wanted to use quality {local, if possible} popcorn kernels, coconut oil, and my stove top.

After some research {+ trials} I can honestly say that this is my favorite way to pop popcorn at home {on the stove}:

A Real Food Lover's Coconut Oil Popcorn

Oh and if you are into popping in the microwave instead of on the stove:

100 Days of Real Food Popcorn Trick

Happy poppin'!

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