Friday, January 3, 2014

sending my thanks to you, 2013...

2013 was a great year. Not what was expected, or planned. But truly wonderful. My family is so grateful for what we had in 2013 and what we have to enjoy in the upcoming year.

And with that... I'll attempt my 13 in 2013 final reflection.

My 13 in 2013

1. Read 2 books each month - success! I've loved having such a focus on reading last year. Knowing that I wanted to read at least two books each month made it easy to check out an extra book at the library or grab a book off my shelf that I had been "saving". 

2. Create and follow a financial plan {eliminating debt is a great plan for our future} - success!

3. Continue de-cluttering of our home {specifically our office and garage} - almost complete. Our office is awesome and I'm continuing to organize more and more usable items into that space; our garage has been simplified, but is currently a workshop space and not organized for storage. However it is better than ever before!

4Runbikehike or hit the gym four days a week - lots of running, biking, hiking this year.

5. Share 10 tips, recipes, or ideas that consider or assist with my lifestyle choice of cutting out processed & non local foods on the blog - unfinished - this goal is still on my mind; but I didn't complete 10 posts this year on this topic. But don't worry, I'm not shying away from these types of posts yet!

6. Take the time to travel to a "someday" place or go on a "someday" trip - completed after our awesome summer road trip!

7Write {write more, write often and not just on the blog} - complete!

8Garden {goodness knows that our compost pile is ready - 'grow big & grow at home'} - complete!

9. Create a desirable working space in our study - still putting final touches, but I think this will take a lifetime - considered complete!

10. Run a registered 5k and continue the family 5k tradition. - check and check!

11. Share about my choices and plans concerning "simple living" {share 5 tips or ideas indicating intentionality of this lifestyle choice on the blog} - almost completed - will continue to post on this topic

12. Complete a photography challenge - check!

13. Be mindful and creative with support given to friends and family {no matter how far apart we live} - loved spending time on this over the year - complete!

I fully completed 10 out of the 13 goals this year. I plan to wrap up the final 3 goals that were left unfinished over the next year. I'll keep working on me daily and then writing on here when I can!

Much love and thanks to 2013 and much happiness to you all in 2014!

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