Sunday, June 22, 2014

{Simply Lovely Sunday Thought} Lately.

Well the school year ended in a flash - and now there is lots going on - at home and school! 
I can't believe we're flying thru June. 

So now I've settled into a summer routine... sleeping in a bit, lots of reading and some work around the house and classroom (let's be honest I'm still at school several days a week ... closing up last school year and already preparing for the fall).

a few fun things going on...

~ I'm learning how to play the ukelele {my current favorite}

~ we are eating sugar free for 30 days {attempting the 'Whole30' to be exact}

~ my pup and I are trying to jumprope. together. at the same time. {If this is ever successful I'm probably going to retire from teaching and enter us in the circus.}

~ taking photos for friends and lots of photo editing

Oh and of course I took a huge break from writing on this blog. Which was actually really nice. And probably very much needed. 

But it is fun to catch up now and then :)

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