Friday, July 18, 2014

Our Humble Homestead

Some days I just love our little home. Other days it is little, but overwhelming. One thing is for sure - our home can be described easily as "in progress"...

I've written before about how we are big dreamers around this place. We often have a difficult time settling down on what is the best project to tackle next. But lucky for us, all parts of our home are slowly becoming more manageable and more the way we want it - all the time.

Everyday a little bit more like us... in progress but well, happy, and loved. I like that about our home. Whenever we have families visit or friends see our house for the first time they say how they see both of our personalities in our home; how they aren't surprised that this is what our home looks like. I guess it just has character.

I've decided to give myself the opportunity to share some of my favorite spaces of our home on the blog {slowly}. This is something I wouldn't usually share, but I think over time I'd love to see the phases of projects and notice the work we've accomplished {and maybe it would be inspiring to someone else too}. I claim to have very little fashion sense or interior design credentials - but I do find our home to be usable, loved, and cozy.

We've been doing a lot of work around our house the past three years. But recently some bigger projects have taken place. So I'm excited to see some of our visions coming together. We are far from finished, but things are perfectly homey just the same. 

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