Monday, July 14, 2014

Cutting Down on Sugar {Whole30 - 30 days complete!}

We've completed 30 days of Whole 30! And wow - we've been feeling pretty great!

After our first half we were really hoping things would start to even out for us. And it did. We continued to eat meals in a timely manner and feel better and better each day.

During days sixteen through twenty-one I was out of town for a conference and I really got bored with my food options. It wasn't too difficult to find things to eat - but sometimes it was just a lot of one type of vegetable and multiple salads per day. My husband was able to cook at home and found several easy recipes that he continued to make for us during the rest of the Whole 30.

Around day twenty-two to day twenty-four we really started noticing consistent energy levels pretty much all day. And at this point I realized I wasn't missing cream nearly as much in my coffee anymore!

On day twenty-five we went to bed late and work up early on day twenty-six; all day we had a terrible time keeping up with activities at hand. Anytime I sat down I was half asleep and I took more than one nap to make it through the day.

My husband and I were a little negative/bored again with our food choices for a couple of days {days twenty-six to twenty-eight}. We felt like we should just move on to the reintroduction program (and start reintroducing gluten, dairy, legumes and non-gluten grains) but we didn't. We decided to stick it out.

But we really felt fantastic on day twenty nine and day thirty! At that point we really noticed how all of our efforts from the last thirty days were working together. We felt well rested (it was even easy to get up in the morning), great energy levels, no major mood swings, no headaches, and we were only hungry when it was actually time to eat.

Our take away from the Whole 30 - if we eat well, and sleep an appropriate amount of time each night we find that we really do feel much better than our daily feelings that were our normal in the past. We are really looking forward to our reintroduction days and see what is the best balance for us.

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