Tuesday, August 5, 2014

An Exceptional Third Wedding Anniversary

Last week we had a lovely celebration of our third wedding anniversary. Things have been busy this summer so we felt it was especially important to take some time for ourselves to celebrate. {Which of course meant lots of good food.} We took some photos by our favorite hiking trail and tree then ran out of town!

We had a super wonderful dinner {excuse us while we eat five courses... yikes!} and stayed the night in an adorable bed and breakfast. 

The next day we visited the Findlay Market in Cincinnati and the Cincinnati Museum Center. We are huge market fans, so we were excited to find out all the fun the Findlay Market schedules for beer tastings and music on Saturdays. Also, the Cincinnati Museum Center was so large we didn't get to see everything! We are planning to go back to visit them both again sometime soon. 

Happy Third Wedding Anniversary to my best everything. 
There is no one else I'd rather take care of when they are sick ;) 
I'm in love with each year that passes and all of our adventures we share.
Here's to many more to come. Xo!

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