Friday, August 8, 2014

Continuing Debt Elimination {It's just stuff...}

Our family has been paying down our debt in an organized way for about a year and a half. Our basic plan has been this:

- Identify all debt.
- Rank debt in the order we wanted to pay it off.
- Continue making needed payments on all debt, but pay extra money on our highest priority debt.
- Keep on going down the list.
- And keep going... and going {and this is where we are...}

So it has finally happened. I feel like we've really tackled our finances and have made sound decisions with money. I'm starting to see the end of the road. We're going to make it. {For awhile there I felt like we were just going to keep paying forever}

If we want this to happen any quicker our next step would be to find other ways to pay down debt. As in make more money and then use that extra money to pay off our debt.

We've decided that getting rid of stuff/making some cash off of it is probably where its at. We've been simplifying for years. Going slowly - maybe too slowly - and as I get rid of more stuff I'm starting to notice all the signs that it is actually time to sell the things that I've kept to "sell someday". I don't know why this seems difficult, but it does. We have lots of friends who sell items on craigslist. My husband has done a few shed clean outs and sold items on facebook too. I'm sure it isn't difficult. But sometimes I've got that emotional attachment.

We are heading in the right direction - recently our family had a yard sale! As in someone else hosted it and we just drove over with a truckload of stuff that we know could have better homes. And we almost sold everything! When we drove away we just kept saying 'our truck is empty, we're going to have so much more room in the house!'... I think I'm pretty on board with clearing/selling our junk {or should I say 'junque' since hopefully someone else will want it?}.

Need some inspiration on this topic?

Check out this Tedx Talk {link here} with Adam Baker from Man Vs Debt

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