Thursday, September 25, 2014

fullness of september

sigh. oh september! you always know how to fill everyday so full.

i've been...
+trying to get into a routine for school {at least these days i'm not totally fatigued at 2:45 pm}
+watching some live sport events
+wrapping up the summer to do list
+letting those darn tomatoes get the best of my kitchen counter
+not blogging. at all.
+cleaning off porches
+loving time with friends
+preparing some family birthdays
+getting a sister hitched
+sewing my way to a clean craft desk {half finished projects be done!}
+catching up on sleep
+cooking lots of whole food
+dreaming big dreams
+dating my husband after he completed a two-month work project {a project so crazy that he and his co-workers invited the wives to see the finished project because the wives all felt so left out}
+letting the laundry win

the days have been great... wish they weren't getting shorter ;)

happy fall to y'all!

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