Wednesday, February 10, 2016

snow day enjoyment

that's right - our first snow day from school!

as a teacher i actually really enjoy having snowy days with my students at school. they are so excited about the weather, they will typically play outside and really enjoy the snow, and experiencing each season is something i think is really important for kids to get to do with their class.

however, sometimes driving conditions are not safe - and i like having a special, unexpected day once, twice... okay, just a handful of times each year to sleep in and have everyone enjoy the snow at home their own ways.

yesterday we had that snow day! i slept in {just a bit, like an hour!}, baked blueberry muffins {using this recipe}, read, did some work and drank a cup of chai. it was a beautiful morning!

and then i got the bug - the SORT ALL THE SEEDS bug... so much fun to do some garden planning on my day off!

i even did some work setting up my new studio space at our new house, while listening to the updates for season one of serial {did you listen to Adnan Syed's Hearing update? click here to learn more}

and it was a wonderful day. simple, at home and just what i needed and didn't even know i needed it.

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