Monday, February 8, 2016

whoa, february!

hey there my friends!

what in the world? how did february get here in such a rush? i cannot believe how quickly we are into this month!

things are pretty happening around here! we are...

moving the last {guilty} few items from our old house + setting up for future renters

seeing loads of the oscar-nominated movies {okay, okay, I only saw about 90% of The Revenant... because, BRUTAL bear attacks can only be "viewed" when i'm hiding behind my coat watching my husband saying 'wow! that is so realistic! really, wow!' and things of that nature... however the rest of the movie is some of the most gorgeous movie scenery footage i've ever seen}

rocking the Whole30 compliant lunches everyday since the Whole15 wrap up

and playing fetch with my pup almost daily {because february has been bringing the sunshine!}

how is your month shaping up?

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