Monday, July 11, 2016

a few {current} favorites...

i'm just loving...

+ planning ahead on my Grove Collaborative order - so nice to know that even in the tiredness of new mama hood i will be less likely to run out of toilet paper and dishwashing soap. i've already got a few of my most often used consumables saved in the cabinet for that fourth trimester. here's to hoping that late night target run won't do me in...

+ my Baby List registry - our family is throwing us a co-ed baby shower and i'm very excited! when j and i got married we decided to keep things fairly small, so when it came to having a bridal shower we decided not to make everyone drive again to see us just a few weeks before our wedding. but now that we're talking about celebrating our baby we decided that a shower would be very fun. you know, a good excuse to have everyone that we don't see nearly enough gather for some delicious cake + conversation.

+ doing a bit of baking - we've been enjoying a lot of muffins {using this recipe lately} for snacks the past few weeks and of course a few cookies here and there. I love {this} no bake recipe for when the days are too hot for the oven.  And I have {this recipe} to try next.

hope your week will be full of your current favorites!


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