Monday, July 4, 2016

mama hood mondays {28 weeks}

now that i've shared my big news on this quiet blog, i thought it would be fun to give a few little pregnancy updates over the next several months and then maybe consider some thoughts about being a momma once the baby is here. so i'm trying out this little {possibly monthly} series "mama hood mondays"...

we're here! the start to the third trimester! this pregnancy has progressed so quickly, i can't believe we are two-thirds in!

the first trimester was full of excitement, tired mornings, a few sleepless nights and a fair amount of secret keeping. my husband and i loved knowing about our little one so very early and then slowly sharing the news with family members + friends. luckily, i had very minimal "sickness" and quickly found that eating/snacking often and going to bed early kept me from feeling nauseous. i didn't like cooking meat, drinking coffee, the smell of smoke, barbecue sauce or beer. i very much loved consuming smoothies, macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes {oh my!}.

the second trimester was full of baby classes {from childbirth and newborn care to baby wearing and cloth diapering too}, consuming lots of protein and guzzling the water. i learned to set my phone alarm for remembering to take my supplements and began to gather up the emergency hospital bag {after listening to ::this:: podcast i felt like i needed to prepare for an early baby... just in case}. we found that we still didn't have THE name picked out {we haven't learned the gender of our baby so we will most likely have a name or two for either a boy or a girl planned by the time the baby gets here}. and we have appreciated our generous family + friends, so many have passed along really great baby items for our new little one.

now we are starting the third trimester, working on the nursery, hopefully selecting the final few possible names for our child and getting some rest in there too. it is completely exciting and sometimes a little overwhelming. but enjoying each part of the pregnancy has been very important to me, so i will continue on, soaking up all the kicks, new ways my body stretches and the many questions that pop in my head.

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