Monday, March 27, 2017

big picture dreamin'

hey there!

so around here we've been doing some big time dreaming... thinking about our future and what that looks like. doing all our dreaming and then committing to some good ol' fashion work has always been the way that my guy and i go about things. the dreaming stage is a current fave. it is easy to do when a fresh start to a new month is only days away {spring too!} and we have our little boy in the house that gives us so much material to dream about.

how do you go about moving your dreams to real life achievements? 

i'm thinking and planning out a general weekly rhythm to dedicate times for some of the current ambitions we have {i.e. my husband's consulting work, yoga classes i'd like to attend and family hikes are already on the calendar}... maybe things will fall into place if our routine supports our big dreams.

i'm also loving some elise joy podcasts - she always pumps me up to get a goal in motion and i found this read from code of living super inspiring.

here's to a happy + productive week!

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