Monday, April 10, 2017

mama is heading to work...

it's true. my maternity leave has flown by - a blink of an eye and our little guy is six months old and i'm off to the races. we're trying out the whole 'two working parents' idea to see if it works for our family. 

i have very much enjoyed having these important days with my first son. often just us two, discovering new things together. i'm so very lucky to have support from family as we attempt this transition. our little guy will stay home with Grammie or head to the home of our close friends so that i can teach for the last two months of school and j will be with loved ones that he knows well. 

so it is with a heavy, but excited heart {we can be both at once, yes?} i'm off to work and will give my little boy the opportunity to have some adventures without me. 

i'm going to miss him like crazy. good thing summer break is rapidly approaching. 

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