Monday, April 9, 2012

Treading Water

Many times each year I find myself busy working away at several small goals in life. I often wonder if it may be too many goals at once. Whether it is getting a little bit extra done for work, or finishing a project at home... I can even get lost in typical day to day rituals. I lose sight of the bigger picture and my most important goals. This feels to me like treading water.

I think I've been treading a lot lately. I still enjoy my time and things are accomplished, however I can become overwhelmed with all I want to do and sometimes forget how to keep up. The truth is, that feeling of treading water just seems to creep up every so often in life. I've decided that it has been hanging around a bit too long this time.

This past week was a spring break from my job. An entire week off to have fun, catch up on life, and just relax! I needed it. I feel better already and am excited to not only keep up - but hopefully move ahead. I see initiative, goal setting, and achievement in my near future.

Here's to inspiration... it is time to start swimming again.

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