Sunday, August 5, 2012

An Exceptional First Anniversary

At the end of July we had our first wedding anniversary! It was awesome. A day that will be special for years to come. We decided that if a first anniversary is on a Monday then a two part date is in order :) A couple cannot fit everything into one night after work hours!

Last Sunday we went to brunch at one of our favorite restaurants - the same restaurant where we hosted our rehearsal dinner just last year and then to a movie.


Monday we ate our year old cake - surprisingly very good for having been frozen for an entire year! We hiked the same trail that we hiked on our wedding day (for our "first look" and photos before the ceremony). It was fun to hike it together instead of meeting each other in the middle. After our hike we had a lovely dinner at another favorite restaurant in our little town.

One of my goals for our first anniversary was to figure out a way to document the day that we will value as a couple for years to come. Let me just say, I love documenting life. I was a scrap-booker during my teens and then as I became a teacher I found that charting student growth should be much more than just tests and final scores. I have kept portfolios displaying work and images of children to see their many aspects of growth during one school year. I also try to incorporate the idea of documentation into useful items or representations in other places of our lives, such as our home or special traditions in our family.We decided that taking a photograph each year would be a wonderful way to remember how much we've grown together each year and would be a vital part of our documentation piece. This is why I decided to create "anniversary bunting". On Monday, I trimmed and sewed little flags and left spaces for a photo from our upcoming anniversaries too (We already added a wedding photo to the beginning of the bunting and took several photos on Monday during our evening to add for our first year's celebration). It is a work in progress, sort of like a sweet little timeline to see how we age over the many upcoming anniversaries we are to celebrate. I cannot wait to choose a photo to print and add to our anniversary bunting to represent our first year of marriage!

Making bunting for our anniversary timeline

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