Friday, August 31, 2012


Sometimes chances need to be taken, risks to be calculated. To succeed in something starts with actually attempting. Taking those first chances, making a little change. It starts with a beginning and an ending. An ending of a past behavior or routine.

My husband and I are a good team. We are a fairly creative and resourceful pair.  But our ideas don't always work and sometimes don't even come to fruition. I don't know if our big ideas can be too much because each starting place seems so small. So we've done something huge. We have changed our daily routine in hopes of capturing some big picture dreams. Through a series of exciting possibilities and lots of consideration this change was decided: I did not return to teaching as a full time Kindergarten teacher this school year.  

This means the beginning of a new home routine. Everyday having tasks of making our lives, our home, our relationships stronger. Dedicating time to what we see as the best for us and our loved ones. We are opening ourselves up to possibility and taking the time to accomplish goals that have always been priority but never quite obtainable. We are starting change. 

It is exciting and liberating and intimidating. So much to dedicate ourselves to.  Many goals and hopefully having a little more time will assist us in accomplishing them.

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