Thursday, August 16, 2012

Family Ties: A Special Visitor

Oh the joys of summer - school is out and nieces come to play! One of the best weeks happened while our oldest niece, H, came to visit our home in July.

I love spending time with our nieces and nephews. To me, having an experience, making a memory with a child is so important for both children and adults. It is important to for all relationships of a family unit, making strong connections and creating feelings of responsibility and joy for the family. I have significant memories from my childhood visits with loved ones, and I hope to create even more now that I am in an adult role.

Our house was total summertime favorites for a week! We always have a good time with H by providing responsible, realistic, and fun activities for her to choose from (and often several preplanned surprises). We typically try to make sure a few of those are things that she can't easily do at home (living on the family farm has so many unique experiences and freedoms to explore, but coming to visit our little town provides easy access to different types of enriching activities for children).

Some highlights from the week...


Bedtime Stories

H's first sewing project: headband

Games and Ice Cream 

Rainy day fort building
Unfortunately I did not get a good photo of H on the bike path, which she loved biking (everyday of her visit). This summer she started riding her two-wheeler and thought the paved path to get us to and from town was just the bee's knees!

At the end of the week, we had a lovely (rainy) afternoon visit to the Dayton Art Institute. I enjoy going to art museums with others or alone but especially on days with extreme weather. If you can't go out and appreciate the beauty outdoors, why not see something beautiful inside?!

Before we got ready to have our afternoon out, I shared with H the fun of wearing "something that makes you feel beautiful while you see so many beautiful things". Her eyes lit up during the blown glass exhibit- hand in hand with her uncle while wearing her favorite dress.

Of course we spent lots of time in the children's area of the museum! H is one busy lady! So it is best to have interesting ideas for her not only to think about, but also do with her hands.

We truly loved our days together. Can't believe this little miss started First Grade yesterday! I suppose next summer will be here in no time and she can come for a lengthy visit with new adventures!

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