Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Organizing Tips {from this Disorganized Person}

If you remember a while back I wrote a bit about the box madness that was taking over my life. I'm so excited to share that I am slowly winning the war on clutter.

In my quest of simplifying our lifestyle shedding extra belongings was important. Mostly because we had lots of stuff that we didn't really need anymore and continuing to store all those items made many spaces of our home difficult to use to their full potential. Does this sound familiar? I think this is the case in many homes. And it doesn't bother some families as they have loads of storage spaces (i.e. attics, garages, basements and extra closets). We do not have the luxury space to house everything that I've ever wanted to keep. So out {some} of it must go.

Spending lots of time organizing our home made me want to share a few tips that I've learned:

Focus on one room or space at a time:
We basically created usable spaces of our house one room at a time. Not from start to finish, but we'd get a huge portion done and then move on to the next room. Often that meant moving the last bit of stuff that we didn't know if we needed or wanted into a room that was not finished (enter the study that we can't comfortably study in). Eventually everything will be completed-just not all at once. One space at a time feels less overwhelming to me. With organizing if I am overwhelmed there is a good chance I will freeze up completely.

Focus on a bit of chaos at a time:
Something that helped me was taking a bit of clutter (such as a pile of papers or one box of random items) and then I would sort it out in a different space. A different space that is clean. That way when I finished sorting that specific pile or box I would carry out the next steps for the items I had just sorted. It made it necessary to choose a destiny and follow through. It made the time I spent sorting feel more manageable (and less overwhelming). Which I thought was a great thing.

Set a time to focus:
Clean or organize your current project for a set amount of time. Limit all distractions and just get busy. That means step away from "pinning" all the ways you should organize. One way I like to do this is to choose a play list or record of good music and clean or organize until that set of music is completed. Often I find that I'm up for more work and select other songs to keep me company while organizing.

Get support and recognition:
After some time would pass and I felt like things were moving in a positive direction I would show someone a new space or a recently displayed item. Of course a friend or family member knows to give you some positive feedback or other suggestions of what else you own might look good in that area. Whenever my husband would come home and marvel at the missing items I would just smile and know that the next day I'd be ready to return for a new round of organization.

If you are simplifying the stuff in and around your home just remember that some positive talk and low stress tactics will keep you moving forward. Don't feel guilty about the acquired items. Keep a list of small tasks in your mind and know that overall progress may not happen overnight. That is what keeps me going... good luck to us all :)

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