Monday, May 6, 2013

Back to Life, Back to Technology

That's right "Screen Free" Week 2013 has been completed!

It is humbling to learn how much I really do grab my phone for a quick internet search, or send a very unnecessary text. And this past week reminded me that less can really be more.

By choosing to only use screens for communication and research the week moved very quickly. As it was filled with so many other activities. Activities where we were talking and laughing and not facing a screen. We enjoyed taking walks to town. Making dinner. Even cooking extra meals to freeze for later use. There were plans of fun with friends. Oh and painting! There is definite progress on the work of organizing and creating an inviting office. Which is worth all of my screen time!

Did you turn off the tv for a night? Do you think it could become a new habit? Even just once a week?

This week I'm going to try and pick up my camera. Maybe even finish up some photo editing on the computer. I've decided it will be screen time well used :)

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