Monday, May 20, 2013

Frugal Living: An Update

This year our family has taken charge of our finances. We're trying not to nickel and dime ourselves crazy, but we're more aware than ever about our spending and payment plans. I am so excited to say that we've already eliminated all of the debt on both of our credit cards! We are now only using plastic for my husband's work travel and when purchasing gas and groceries. Which means we pay off the balance each month. This is easy considering we make very few purchases.

With the excitement surrounding our small successes I thought it would be interesting to share some ways that we are decreasing our spending. The great part of spending less is that it enables us to pay off our next high priority debt quicker. Which luckily for us- all of our remaining debts carry a 5% or less APR.

So this week I'm dedicating my posts to telling about some success we've had so far this year with saving money for our home and lifestyle. And to be honest, I didn't really think we had all that much to cut out. It was surprising to find where else we could save. And I haven't missed the spending much at all.

This Week:

Food Budgeting Ideas

Cheaper Ways to Work Out

 Weekly No Spend Days

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