Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Dayton Beer Company - in Kettering, Ohio

I will start this off with a small disclaimer. We have gone to the Dayton Beer Company several times now. Each time I left I felt like I wasn't quite getting the full picture. We've enjoyed ourselves there each time, always finding great beer with maybe one of the pints tasting just like my husband's homebrew. With this consistency issue coming up in at least one pint each visit I felt like I couldn't post until I had a better picture of this establishment. I may have to update this as we visit in the future. 

First impression: Surprising. One wouldn't expect a local brewery and tap room to be in a small shopping area next to a gas station and video store. Once you head inside it is has a relaxed feel and we've found it to be a great place to kick off the evening with friends.
Service: Great. Peter is friendly and he works hard. He will talk shop with the customers and recommend brews. We've not been disappointed by his recommended pours.
Prices & Other Notes: The tap room is for adults. With screens for sports watching and brews for drinking, there isn't really anything there to draw attention for all members of mixed age groups. It is perfect for hanging out with friends. 

Food: There is not really food on the Dayton Brewing Company menu. There are snacks (i.e. chips and pretzels and sometimes hot dogs). It is so laid back you can bring in some food if you are starving.

As for the beer:
Honey Cream - not super sweet but very tasty. This was probably my favorite beer that I've ever tasted at The DBC. 

Also if you can't head to The DBC Taproom try out their brews at these locations {click link here}. 

We plan to continue to visit The Dayton Beer Company. We've heard of equipment upgrades and praises about Peter always helping out other local brewers. We like to support that. Even if we might sit thru one brew that isn't exactly our favorite during our visit. My recommendation - ask bartender or the loudest group in the room their favorite beer of the night. You will be happy you did. 

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