Wednesday, February 25, 2015

life in a studio space, my studio space {just the beginning}

Let's have one of those moments. Where we both hold + drink something warm {cup of black coffee for me, thanks} and relish the fact that there is so much good in our lives. Like you and your good health, maybe the lovely weekend you recently had, or your joyous little one that is growing faster than anyone can believe.

To our little chit-chat I'd bring the news - we are working on a little crafting space for me! In my home! I'm over the moon excited and can't wait to give you a little tour. Some time soon, I promise.

I've been a busy gal - painting, washing the new hardwood floors, filling up shelves, dreaming of decor and organizing crafting goodies.

My husband, of course, has done most of the hard work. He made + hung the shelves, laid the actual flooring, and rolled coats + coats of paint {yes, even primer, to cover up the sunshine yellow that I insisted on for the cheery guest bedroom that it was before}. 

So, of course, we should raise our mugs to him. {thanks, j. you are the tops. and i love that you aren't afraid of trying some crazy paint colors + plans in our home... cue the music room's chevron wall or the teal paint behind the fireplace}

I've always dreamt of having a large space to make. A place where I can leave work in-progress and not worry about clearing the table for dinner. I may not get to keep this room forever, and if we ever move we might not be able to dedicate this much space for a little craft area. But right now it feels perfect, and it is just getting started. 

I'm so glad we could meet up to share some happiness today. Happy Wednesday to you!

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