Friday, February 20, 2015

{2015::do} taking action

I declared 2015 the year of action. I've realized that I've had time to reflect, to savor and appreciate... years of planning, of saying "in a three to five years _____ will happen"... I am now ready for a year to put my passions and dreams into action {as well as continue to dream, savor, appreciate}.  Each day, each week I am accomplishing mini goals, important steps to be more where I want to be.  Living a locally centered life in a relatively clutter-free home while saving + preparing for the future. All of these things are on the front burner now - financially, physically, mentally. I'm feeling very much on top of my goals for 2015. 

This is all happening because I've done some great reflections, pretty in-depth planning and research. Now is the time to start carrying out my carefully laid plans.  Each day I'm reminding myself to just 'do' something. 

A few things that have been important to me as I've begun this year with "do" on my mind... in no particular order:
getting plenty of sleep + rest
scheduling time to "make"
eating well, drinking water + simple menu planning
considering daily rituals
having fun + finding time to play
creating usable spaces in our home
time for friends + family
working on our weekly routine
reading + crafting
healthy movement
making decisions and sticking to them
continuing our budget + financial planning meetings

I'm feeling pretty great about the first few weeks of this year and the momentum that is gaining...
Need some inspiration? Or motivation? Check out my list of goals for this year (already started!):

My 15 in 2015 {3/15}
1. Simplify
2. Read.
3. Experience.
4. Taste.
5. Create.
6. Rest.
7. Search.
8. Learn.
9. Photograph.
10. Enjoy.
11. Express.
12. Save.
14. Make.
15. Do.

Or read a few choice words from Leo Babuata + his blog zenhabits on movitation:

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