Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Local Love: Nature's Magic {Athens, Ohio}

Have you been doing some spring-dreaming {+ spring-cleaning}?! Well, I have. I am starting to get that itch for sunshine, hikes, and planting.

It is still winter in Ohio, so I decided that the best thing I can do is clean. 
From decluttering + organizing crafty craziness to dusting the windowsills... I've been busy! 
 After scrubbing the stove-top yesterday I thought - I really should tell someone about this great cleaning product I'm using! It happens to be Ohio Made and squeaky clean!

Last time we were in Columbus we stopped by Celebrate Local and I picked up a bottle of Nature's Magic Deep Clean. To be honest it was a bit of an impulse purchase. What sold me? It was made by the company Nature's Magic which is located in Athens, Ohio and it was well presented {both in the store display and in the overall look of the packaging}. The cleaner is very eco-friendly with completely safe ingredients {think essential oils, castile soap + grapefruit seed extract}. And since cleaning spray is pretty useful... I decided it was okay to splurge. 

Of course I got it home and found that I really liked cleaning with the spray. It comes out of the bottle nicely, no drips during storage and things are fresh + lovely when I'm done. It ends with a sweet scent that I really do enjoy. I typically clean with a multi-purpose spray that I make at home, but every few scrubbings {especially in the kitchen} I find that I want a little something stronger - that is when I grab the DEEP CLEAN bottle from Nature's Magic. I found that it was worth the investment and Nature's Magic gets things done when I have a bit more mess to clean up {think stove top after a major Sunday cooking session}.  I am trusting that this bottle will last several seasons since I do not use it daily. But they carry a multi-surface cleaner if you need a daily cleaner with simple + safe cleaning agents. 

Looking forward to spring this year, but for now my soon-to-welcome spring cleaning will just have to do!

::Please note that this post is entirely of my thoughts. I did not receive any gifts or any prompting to promote this specific product or brand. This blog series is to celebrate the great products that are made in my home state of Ohio. The photos on this post are mine. ::

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