Monday, July 6, 2015

Completion of a 30 Day Declutter {Part 2}

yes, today i'm declaring a happy dance dedicated to my second 30 day declutter! this time i removed 465 unneeded things from my life! {read about my first work and triumph here + here}

i did a few things different this round of the 'minimalist game'...

1. i did it {mostly} on my own. 
my husband added an item or two here or there when he found something he really wanted us to get rid of. but this was a more personal quest.
2. i declared a war on all clutter in my life - not just my home. 
i pulled unneeded things not only from my closet - but also the car as well as my classroom {many of my desk drawers and shelves are already super ready for the fall!}
3. i did some painful separation with clothing.
i have been thru my closets about a million times this year. i'm getting down to many favorites - or clothing items that i just really want to be my favorites. but somethings don't wear as nicely as they used to, or don't wash well anymore. i've let many past favorites go because i truly don't wear them anymore for some of these reasons.
4. i made it part of my tasks while tidying/setting up rooms in our home.
many of you might have read how i am creating a studio space for myself. it is currently in working order! which also means i intend to keep it that way - tossing out and donating goods that i just don't want happens as soon as i touch those materials. or on the flip side, hanging up/displaying favorite things as soon as i touch them remind me why i am trimming away the things i don't truly love.

what have you been doing to keep your home happy + healthy? i'd love to hear about it!

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