Monday, January 4, 2016

{cultivate}::a word for 2016

hello my friends! happy 2016!

i hope bringing in the new year was an absolutely joyful event for you. wrapping up the past year and taking those first few breaths of a new year of possibility always gets me so excited for what is to come. of course i reflect on the past year and something i noticed from 2015 was how successful my goals were... and i think it was because i had found such a great word for me to keep in mind for the year. {read about "do" here}

after my success with "do" in 2015 i knew i needed to bring focus to a word that evokes action in 2016. a word that makes me feel that i am still growing. growing food, growing as a person. a word that makes me feel that i am creating. creating a life here in our new home, being creative as a person. a word that will allow me to focus on myself, my health and enriching the way i treat myself and spend my time caring for me and my family. these thoughts helped me select this year's word.

this year i will keep the word "cultivate" in mind. i will allow it to inspire my actions around

...  creating a home and lifestyle that works for us at our new home
... focusing on cultivating rituals and routines during our days, weeks, seasons
...  growing produce + eggs on our land and allowing that to influence a simple + seasonal menu
... devoting time for friends, family, crafting, play, rest, reading + photography
... enriching my life by nourishing my body in a healthy way with sleep, food + movement

this will be a worthwhile + special year. i can just feel it.

here's to a fantastic 2016! i wish you the best start into the new year!

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