Monday, February 13, 2017

Homesteading Goals for 2017

good morning there!

i was a bit inspired by this post from Homestead Honey and it made me want to consider some solid, obtainable goals for this year on our homestead...

first off, in 2016 we put in the start of our raised bed garden, set up a safe composting system, took care of our chickens {their home + eggs}, grew seedlings, and jarred up some goodness to save! i would file it as a successful year - as i also spent all of 2016 growing our first child!

this year {2017!!} I would like to work on these few obtainable goals...
+ grow produce in 2 {if not 3!!} of our raised beds
+ work on our general menu plan for the family so that two dinners a week are local, seasonal meals {right now we have one night a week as our "in season" night}
+ work on our general menu plan for the family so that either our main breakfast for the week, or our main lunch for the week are local, seasonal meals.
+ research raising our own meat and ways to extend our growing season at our home
+ consider renewable energy resources that might work for our home

how exciting! these goals definitely feel inline with my word of the year - "nourish" too... i think i feel some momentum gathering!
happy monday, friends.

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