Friday, October 19, 2012

New Holland Brewing Company in Holland, Michigan

Our next stop during our "end of summer brewcation" was Holland, Michigan. We enjoyed the town for the afternoon (yay for the farmer's market!). We went on an official brewery tour of New Holland Brewing Company's Brew House and had yummy refreshments at their pub.

Let's start off by saying we had a great time on the New Holland Brewery Tour! They were actually brewing on that Saturday morning, which we were excited about. The air smelled like sweet liquid bread and the boys got to talk shop around the huge equipment with the guys who knew brew.

The tour cost about $10 per person but it was worth every penny. By the end of the tour we had learned a bit, tasted four generous samples and had a pint glass to take home with us.

Later in the day we stopped by the New Holland Brewing Company's Brew Pub.

First impression of the Brew Pub: By this time in the day it was a beautiful sunny afternoon. The streets and shops were super inviting and the Brew Pub was packed! (We actually had to wait a bit for a table)

Service: Just fine. To tell you the truth, I was a bigger fan of the folks at the brewery than the host and wait staff at the Brew Pub. Nothing wrong happened, I probably just liked hearing them talk about crafting brew in the brewery versus telling me what was on tap in the pub.

Food: We ate up some recommended appetizers (from the guys at the brewery): Pepperoni Pinwheels and the Brew Pub's fresh made potato chips. The Pepperoni Pinwheels were awesome! With super tasty dipping sauces too.

Prices & Other Notes: 
I really liked the look of the Brew Pub. Nice light, brick, beautiful wood. Very relaxing and tons of people were there having a late lunch or watching the football game on the screens in various parts of the bar.

As for the beer: There is not one brew I haven't liked from New Holland Brewing Company. Whether enjoying samples in the brew house, drinks at the Brew Pub, or six packs at home I like their style. So I thought maybe I'd just mention two of my favorites from the trip: Ichabod Pumpkin and Beerhive Honey Ginger Ales. Ichabod has all the right spices for a perfect fall brew while the Beerhive is strong and a bit sweet.

I think I'd like to spend more time in Holland. It seems like a great town to have as part of the state of Michigan. 

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