Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Red Foliage, No Foliage

We've watched our summer green leaves change to yellows and golds. 

Leaves that have been falling for several weeks.

Out pop the little gems that have finally agreed to join the season with their many shades of red.

And now they too find special places to rest for the cold winter months ahead. 

Lovely fall now filled with chilly mornings... cold, blustery nights... and even a bit of snow.

Stay safe and warm!

I'm linking up with Bumbles & Light and Live and Love Out Loud for their fall photo challenge. Check it out here. So many lovely images of our season that is full of changing foliage! 


  1. Hello, nice to meet you. THis is my first time here I believe☺ Your blog is simple and beautiful...love it. I am your newest follower♥

    1. Hi there Laurie! Nice to meet you as well. Thanks for stopping by and staying for a few :) I'm so happy to read your comment.